9 thoughts on “Poll: Edwin Or Jose – Who Should Toronto Sign?

  1. Honestly I think they should sign Edwin he can play in the DH spot and the Jays have Carrera to play in right field and yeah he can’t hit that many home runs but he is able to produce runs

  2. Really it could go either way Bautista dose have good influence on the blue jays bench but Edwin has way better hitting % so that gets more runs but then Bautista is really good on right field

    1. Jose isn’t that good in rf and very soon will become a dh and they could get more for him in a trade and Edwin could be cheaper, and Jose is more likely to get injured

  3. Edwin all the way, have you seen his bat it look like they put in a volcano that how hot his bat is. Bautista is just a guy that slams his helmet when he strikes out and he sucks in right we need someone better in right. Let’s go Edwing!

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