6ix Reasons Toronto Loves Kevin Pillar

6ix Reasons Toronto Loves Kevin Pillar

Kevin Pillar. Toronto’s Superman. The human highlight reel. The Center Fielder from another planet who makes impossible, diving catches that can only be described as out of this world. Let’s take a second to explore just six reasons Blue Jays’ star, Kevin Pillar, is one of Toronto’s most beloved players, both on and off the field:

1) Pillar knows how to bounce back from defeat, a trait essential to success as an athlete and as an individual. After becoming unprofessionally emotional near the end of a tie game against the Yankees in 2014, Pillar was returned to Buffalo indefinitely, and told to “perform and wait for his opportunity”. And perform he did and continues to do! In the face of a tough game or disappointing losing streak, Pillar holds his own as an impressive and reliable player who keeps his cool and, without fail, gets any and every job on the field done.

2) The man’s got serious foot fashion game. Seen anybody strutting around the streets of Toronto in those black and white “Thank You Toronto” socks by Yo Sox? Go scroll through the Instagram photos of @kpillar11 and see where that trend started…

3) Pillar knows how to take responsibility. In a 2015 interview on the Todd Shapiro show, when asked about the questionable, and many would say game altering, home run in the Game 6 loss to Kansas City, Pillar displayed the utmost professionalism. He stated, “We as a unit manned up and understood… that we had opportunities to win that game still, despite everything that happened…” It takes a great deal of strength and composure to address such an emotionally charged moment in such a demure manner and, despite past events, strength and composure are two traits Pillar now possesses in spades.

4) Simply put, Pillar is a good guy. He loves and respects his fans. Superman stole a line from Spiderman, and knows that with great power, comes great responsibility. Fans of all ages look up to our beloved Pillar, and he never fails to do his part. Just last week, after an intense series against the Colorado Rockies, one game of which lasted until hours before sunrise in the 6ix, Pillar made it to Eaton Centre by 11am to sign autographs, a true act of kindness. Your character does not go unappreciated, Mr. Pillar!

5) It is impossible not to love a man who proudly plays Cribbage. Don’t believe me? Check out that aforementioned @kpillar11 Insta…

6ix) Kevin Pillar has impressively and unarguably worked his way to the top. Initially, 32nd-round draft pick, Kevin Pillar’s, signing bonus was a mere $1000, with so little left after taxes that his mom then helped him pay for his iPhone. Years of intense dedication, impossibly hard work, and infallibly strong character later, Pillar is absolutely and undoubtedly the Superman of the 6ix.


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