Why Manny Machado would be perfect for the Blue Jays

Why Manny Machado would be perfect for the Blue Jays

By Travis Aylward (@travaylward).

Recent rumours swirling around the baseball world suggest that Manny Machado would like a trade from the Baltimore Orioles, as well as a switch from third base to shortstop. Machado is obviously a step up from the Blue Jays current shortstop Troy Tulowitzki and is arguably better then Toronto’s current third baseman and former AL MVP Josh Donaldson. He would fit perfectly on the Blue Jays, and here’s why.

Comparing Statistics (2017):

Josh Donaldson:

Avg: .270

RBI: 78

HR: 33

AB: 415

Manny Machado:

Avg: .259

RBI: 95

HR: 33

AB: 630

Troy Tulowitzki:

Avg: .249

RBI: 26

HR: 7

AB: 241

Tulowitzki’s season was cut short due to an injury, and Donaldson missed some time on the disabled list, while Machado played almost all season. The consistent health that Machado presents is something the Blue Jays need, especially in the infield. Imagine Machado and Donaldson manning the left side of the infield. Not only will the defense be extremely strong on the left side of the infield, the offensive production from the middle of the order will increase dramatically.

Obviously, Machado would be a step up from current Blue Jay shortstop. And if Machado gets comfortable enough with playing shortstop, what’s stopping him from playing some second base? With the Blue Jays injury-plagued infield, adding Machado would give the team some leeway, even if players got hurt. Machado could play third base if Donaldson gets injured, or second base if Travis gets injured (which, at this point in his career, seems likely).

Further still, the deal would give Toronto three all-stars in the infield (assuming Justin Smoak repeats his 2017 production). If Travis can somehow get through a whole season without getting injured, perhaps he could become an all star too.

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