Play Ball: What’s Your Baseball Story?

Play Ball: What’s Your Baseball Story?

I wasn’t always a diehard baseball fan. Sure, I liked going to games for the beer, hot dogs, and ballpark atmosphere, but I couldn’t call myself a true fan of the game. I didn’t know the names of the players, my knowledge of the rules was shaky at best, and I thought nine innings to be a never ending stretch of playing time.

But then I moved to Truckee, CA. Seems like an odd time to become a Blue Jays fan, I know, but bear with me.

I moved to Truckee, CA just before the beginning of the 2015 post season. I haven’t permanently lived in Toronto for six years now, though I frequently return to visit my family. But, perhaps due to the fact that I was coming off over a month long stay in the T-Dot, or the three hour time difference, or the tiny population size of this new town, I’d never felt farther from home. I needed a way to cure the homesickness, and so I, the girl who had never spent a second caring about the result of a game, the girl who had often poked fun at her dad for the seriousness with which he followed his favorite teams, turned on the Blue Jays game one against the Rangers.

And I was hooked.

I meticulously followed the entire post season, exchanging unabashedly enthusiastic group text messages with my brother and dad. Determined not to be seen as a fair-weather fan, I started to learn about the players, the complex game rules, and the team’s history. I found myself intrigued by the immense strategy baseball requires. I became just as excited by defensive plays as by the big bats. I started referring to the Jays as “us”. And, the final nail in my fandom coffin, I bought a Blue Jays hat.

I no longer live in Truckee, CA, but my love of baseball continues to thrive. I anxiously followed spring training, and, to the shock of my dad and brother, was able to keep them more up to date on my favourite team then they could to me. I excitedly tune in to nearly every game. Sunday afternoon baseball has become a new form of personal meditation – a time to feel at home, no matter my location. A time to connect with family, no matter the miles between us. A time to rally behind Toronto, no matter the outcome. A time I so eagerly look forward to every week.

I wasn’t always a baseball fan. Now, not only am I a baseball fan, I am a Blue Jays fan through and through.

So there you have it. That’s my baseball story, and I am beyond thrilled to be a part of the 360BlueJayNews team, sharing my love for baseball!

Now it’s your turn. What started your love for the game? Aside from the obvious fact that they’re just the greatest boys in baseball, why are you a Blue Jays fan? Leave your stories in the comments section below!

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